Find out now how to choose a loan for you

In times of crisis or financial setbacks, more and more people may find themselves in debt and without credit in the market. For a long time, it has been heard that loans are big villains in family planning – and that they do more harm than good for people. Despite being a delicate financial operation and that requires a lot of attention, it proves necessary and even beneficial in some situations. Need to get more resources for your current financial situation

Want to know how to choose loan for you

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The first step for anyone who wants to take out a loan research interest rates at various institutions. you need to be aware: never close a deal without also knowing other proposals from the institutions that offer the same services in the market. The fact of having an account at a certain institution does not guarantee the best contract.

If, on the one hand, the bank already are you familiar with the customer and can offer an agreement that matches your needs, you can also charge higher fees or offer less flexibility in payment, just by making sure that customer signs contract with him. Before definitively signing a contract, be sure to research well! On the GuiaBolso loan platform , already we give you the best rate on the market according to your profile.

Keep in mind which one your goal

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The best loan to choose will depend on your ultimate goal. If your goal is to buy a car , for example, there are specific credit lines for that, which can and should be analyzed. In contrast, if what are you want pay off your debts, payroll loans and personal loans are good options, but are only available for the art of the population. The only consensus among all objectives, however, is that you should run away from overdraft, since that what mode to charge the highest interest rate.

Keep an eye on the total effective cost (CET) of the loan

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When withdrawing a loan, are people’s most common concern in relation your interest rate. S what it is necessary to know that it is not this is the amount that is levied on the loan to settle the amount borrowed. In addition to that, there are also insurance and tax amounts. Always ask the responsible entity about the total CET of the loan, to know, in fact, the costs of the procedure. Having the information in hand, Is it possible to make a comparison between the rates of other banks and, finally, understand which one the best deal for you.

Find out what type of loan to apply for

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Currently, the most common loan among Brazilians the payroll . Because your portion is deducted directly from the person’s paycheck, the CET of such a contract is usually lower. Hardly there the chance of default due to its withdrawal automatic. Payroll may be the best option for some people, but not all who may require this type of loan: It is necessary to have a formal contract or be a public servant. For those who cannot use the payroll loan, personal loans are a good solution.

Is your annual average rate It is higher than the payroll fee, but much lower than that of the revolving credit card and overdraft. However, in specific lines (such as the anticipation of the 13th salary), can such a value decrease . When it comes to figuring out how to choose a loan and get it right for you, it’s worth it – to plan well to receive that amount of resources – and, in the future, to pay it off. In this way, investments will be great allies to put your financial life on track. 

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