On the territory of Kyustendil County there are 1052 cultural monuments whereas more than half of them are concentrated in Kyustendil Municipality. The combination of natural sites, of cultural and historic heritage in Kyustendil region, the course of Struma River and Osogovo Mountain is also favorable. Kyustendil Municipality has an exceptionally rich cultural and historic heritage with the broadest specter of historic eras and high value in terms of quality characteristics. The antique and medieval reservation Pautalia – Velbujd and the numerous cultural monuments from the period of the National Revival enrich the treasury of the cultural heritage. The cultural and tourist route Kyustendil Region – Center of Ancient Cultures covers a total of 14 cultural monuments with exceptionally high scientific, historic and architectural artistic value from all cultural and historic ages in chronological interval from the 7th millennium B.C. to the 19th c.