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Two men prepare to row across the Atlantic Ocean for the Make-A-Wish foundation – Action News Jax


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Two men will attempt a grueling, frightening and even dangerous journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat.

Mat Steinlin and Ben Odom have been training for the challenge for over two years in Northeast Florida. They raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northeast Florida.

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“At first I thought it was crazy, but then it took hold of me,” Odom explains.

This is called the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. And many might still call him crazy.

The couple cross the Atlantic Ocean on a boat without sail or motor. He is only fueled by the strength and endurance of Steinlin and Odom.

“We expect that, if we do our job right, we will reach the finish line between 40 and 50 days,” says Odom.

The men will spend more than a month at sea without stopovers or supplies. Training for something like this, as you can imagine, is no small feat.

Especially since they both didn’t even know how to row before that.

Steinlin says, “We purposely exposed ourselves to as much and as bad as we could, but it’s another story to row 40 days on the ocean, obviously we can’t train for that.

They spent 130 hours training in the Atlantic off St. Augustine to prepare.

So why go through all of this, especially with no cash prizes at the end? For them, it’s more than a simple challenge: they row to give hope to children who are battling cancer.

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“A lot of these kids don’t have a choice. They are suffering from serious illnesses and we have met some of the children. Sophia is one of them, she is so strong. She is so persistent and against all odds she is making incredible progress.

Their goal is to raise $ 50,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northeast Florida. One goal, they say, will make the grueling hours of sacrifice worth it in the end.

“We want to help make children’s wishes come true,” says Odom.

The challenge starts on December 12th and they have already raised $ 10,000 for the foundation. To learn more about their journey, visit row4hope.com.

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Queen (the loggerhead turtle) makes a comeback in the Atlantic Ocean


This massive 388-pound loggerhead with battle scars – nearly 40 pounds heavier than the maximum weight of her rare species – has done her best to live up to the glamorous, gritty rock and roll band she’s been for. named: Queen.

She was so close to death when she was rescued on July 31 from a beach on the south shore, no mention was made of her arrival until Thursday, shortly before she was released. at her Atlantic Ocean home Thursday night in Hampton Bays.

“She’s definitely ready to go,” said Maxine Montello, director of the rescue program at the New York nonprofit Marine Rescue Center in Riverhead, as Queen swam in her tank on Thursday.

“This girl is definitely a dinosaur; the youngest, I think she’s between 30 and 40, but I really think she’s on the lower end of the scale.”

Queen is by far the biggest loggerhead that the rescue center has helped. She even outshines Munchkin, the 330-pound giant loggerhead that the New England Aquarium healed and released in 2019.

When found on Ho-Hum Beach in Bellport, Queen’s shell appeared to bear the marks of being struck by ships and some fins had been injured by a predator or boat.

Barnacles covered much of her shell, face and beak, a sign that she hadn’t moved much, Montello said, and her skin had darkened, likely damaged by sunlight, revealing that she had been floating for some time.

Severely dehydrated, underweight, and possibly suffering from pneumonia, she needed injections of subcutaneous fluids, vitamins, and other medications, and was initially too weak to swim in anything other than small reservoirs. deep.

“She had been in pain for a while,” Montello said, greeting boaters who called the rescue hotline after finding her. “The minute we saw her, we knew it would be a tough business.”

Protected in the United States as an endangered species, which means they are likely to become endangered, loggerheads can swim from Newfoundland to Argentina, experts say.

Their survival is threatened by a multitude of problems, with collisions with boats being among the deadliest, according to the researchers. Entanglement in fishing nets and lines, along with pollution, coastal lighting and development and nest predation also cloud their future, according to the Sea Turtle Conservancy, a nonprofit in Gainesville, Fla. .

It is unusual for rescue centers in New York and New England to find sick adults, Montello said, as they seem more likely to show up further south.

The cold-dizzying season, during which typically younger sea turtles can succumb to hypothermia after failing to make their way to the warmer southern waters before fall begins later this month , she said.

A total of 45 sea turtles that washed up on shore were rehabilitated this year at the New York Marine Rescue Center, up from 32 the previous season.

While Queen wasn’t a cold-stunned victim, the center knew that if they could cure her, she would be too big to be transported south, as are her young sea turtles. It’s not just their weight, Montello said, large turtles can’t handle the stress of flights.

So for Queen, “It’s a last minute outing before our times change,” she continued.

Queen has been tagged so her rescuers and the public can see where she is going next.

To see where Queen is traveling, visit the centre’s website: nymarinerescue.org.

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Candice and Evan’s Oceanfront Wedding in Atlantic City Was a ‘Dream’ Come True


Photograph of Beau Ridge

When Evan walked into Candice’s life in 2014, it was at a time when those around her were telling her that she should prioritize finding love the same way she prioritizes her job. Her coworkers and employees were so serious about it that they threatened to create a Tinder profile for her, prompting her to take action.

“They clearly thought I needed a boyfriend,” she jokes, thinking back to her single days. At their request, she created an account, worked on her profile, and was surprised to find that she was an immediate match for Evan. His first impression of their conversation was that he was kind. She also gleaned that he was “serious” about getting to know her because he asked her to meet him for dinner. From there, sparks flew.

“When Evan walked into the restaurant, I immediately thought he was extremely handsome in person,” she says. “He had a classic adult man style around him. From the minute we started talking at this restaurant I knew we would be together and have been together ever since.

Evan also left their first meeting knowing she was something special. As they transitioned from dating to a serious relationship over the years, that feeling grew stronger.

“When I first met Candice, I was blown away by her positivity and encouraging manners,” he says. “I have never been so encouraged by someone to really show what I can do and [who] also loved doing so many things with me. We laughed, traveled, dined and enjoyed each other’s company. She encouraged and supported me in [ways] I never knew and started to feel that we could do anything together. I loved our time together and the time apart just got harder and harder. It was then that I knew I had found this one.

After a proposition on a day that Candice now considers the “best, worst day of my life” (more on that later), the couple looked to their future. Although they had to postpone their nuptials for an entire year due to COVID, they made their love official on July 5, 2021 in front of family and friends they couldn’t imagine celebrating without the previous year. They said “yes” by the ocean in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“Our wedding day was a dream,” she says in retrospect. “Every detail was perfect. It was more than I could ever ask for.

Learn more about their love story and see photos from their big day. The gallery includes dreamy oceanfront photos, the bride’s epic change of outfit, and everyone’s having a great time as these two become one.


Photographer: Beau Ridge Photography

Videographer: Dana Lynn Photography

Location: One Atlantic Events

DJ & Lights: Near Dark Entertainment, Patrice McBride and DJ Rashaun

Bridal hairstyle and makeup: glass slipper wedding, Aleetha Clanton

Florist: South Jersey Florist @southjerseyflorist

Alliances: Vivian Zhou @tiffanyblueviv @tiffanyandco

Bridal nails: @_deliciaaa_ @nailcandyshop

You want your marriage to count for inclusion in Bridal bliss? Email us some wedding photos and the story of your big day, along with some quotes, to bridalbliss@essence.com.

SUBJECTS: Black Love Weddings Bridal Bliss Wedding Planning

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Atlantic City, the NJ conventions and the stuff they bring, are coming back


ATLANTIC CITY – When COVID-19 closed this gaming complex in March 2020, other activities also came to a screeching halt, including events at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

But despite what one might assume about the traditional in-person convention model, gatherings were quickly able to resume virtually or in a hybrid configuration thanks in part to the efforts of Meet AC, a public-private partnership formed by Casino Reinvestment. Development Authority. .

As an example, Meet AC President and CEO Larry Sieg said his group worked with the Northeast Pool & Spa Show organizers to build a soundstage at a local warehouse to adjust the offers of this show.

“In fact, a lot of people have said to me, ‘Once the pandemic hits you have nothing to do’, and I said no, once the pandemic hits it’s actually when the real work started, ”Sieg mentioned.

With assembly limits lifted in New Jersey for some time now, Sieg said conventions have been “huge” recently, although he made it clear that conventions themselves are often just a vector of. increase in economic activity for the city.

“We are not built to generate income or profit,” he said. “The convention centers were built as an economic engine to the destination, and that is exactly what we are doing.”

To put some numbers behind that, Sieg said that a particular conference the center hosted last week drew 2,000 attendees, 3,000 room nights in area hotels and generated $ 2.3 million.

The convention center is a state-owned building, so masks are mandatory indoors, but it is up to the organizers and individual events, not the venue itself, to decide whether COVID vaccinations or testing negatives are needed.

Sieg said the center is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of attendees as well as employees and staff, so that conventions can continue without interruption.

“People, I think, are very impatient and hungry for face-to-face meetings again,” he said. “The Atlantic City Convention Center is extremely sensitive when it comes to ensuring that it is a safe and clean environment. “

Later this month, the Convention Center will host the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference October 11-13, the “Dino Stroll” for families on October 23-24 and the WILD Dance Intensive also on October 24.

Then in November, the long-standing annual conventions of the New Jersey Education Association and the League of Municipalities will return.

“We are delighted to be back and to say that Atlantic City is definitely open for business, and we look forward to welcoming everyone,” said Sieg.

Patrick Lavery is the anchor for the New Jersey 101.5 afternoon news. Follow it on Twitter @ plavery1015 or send an email to patrick.lavery@townsquaremedia.com.

Cozy Winter Vacation Rentals in NJ

Fireplaces and hot tubs await, from the North Jersey ski area to the peaceful off-season South Jersey lake.

These house rentals have all the amenities for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

What $ 10,000 could earn you in New Jersey

Haunted Hayrides and New Jersey Attractions for 2021

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7 things that make life in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area great


No one ever seems to like where they live.

Is the grass greener? Would I be happy to live elsewhere?

Do states other than New Jersey have to pay that much in taxes?

Well sorry, the tax thing is New Jersey. No way around that …

Let’s focus, however, on some BIG things that really make up the place we live in, well, impressive!

1. The beaches, the boardwalks, the ocean.

OK, really three things, but they’re all good. Do you know how lucky we are to have this? Even if you’re not swimming in the ocean, just being able to get close to it, smell it, watch it is a treat. Go anywhere in the interior part of this country and you just don’t have it. A few lakes or streams maybe, but no OCEAN!

When I am near the ocean, I feel at home.

Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash

2. The Restaurants.

I am not going to say that the Atlantic City casinos are part of the incredible. Even though they are unique, some people love them and others hate them. The restaurants, however, bring great food and unique experiences to South Jersey.

I’m talking about casino restaurants, many of which are run by world-famous chefs and / or culinary celebrities on TV. I’m telling you, no other city of 40,000 has the food choices that casinos offer.

It’s really beyond that, however. There are excellent restaurants unrelated to the casinos of Atlantic City – but also along the south Jersey coast and inland. I don’t know the numbers, but the number of our large restaurants per capita must be astronomical.

It’s not just the expensive one either. The mom and pop restaurants in South Jersey are phenomenal.

Count me as one of those locals who want a Panera bread or a cheesecake factory, but in the end, I love the choices we have! (By the way, be sure to thank the local restaurateurs for holding on for the past few years, and don’t forget to tip your servers.)

3. Nice people!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

There are some nice and nice people who live in South Jersey! The villains ? They must be from North Jersey of Philly …. (It’s a joke folks!)

4. There isn’t a lot of traffic.

Photo by Todd Kent on Unsplash

Yes, I know summer weekends on the Parkway and Expressway and a few other roads. That’s about it, right? Sure, every now and then there are other traffic jams here and there, but most of the time we don’t sit in traffic and watch the world go by.

5. No sales tax on clothing.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life sweeter. The price of this sweater? That’s what you see, no tax. (well not yet anyway …)

6. We have a great free zoo!

The Cape May Zoo always ends up near the top when someone ranks the zoos in this country. What a fun and relaxing place to take the kids or grandchildren – or just take a stroll on a lovely fall weekend.

7. We get the four seasons.

Yes sir! Fortunately, at least for me, it’s not a big heavy winter slice. Good snow is usually sufficient.

There you have it, 7 great things that make South Jersey a great place to live. Be grateful!

26 old things in South Jersey that you don’t consider old

By the time (no pun intended) you get to the bottom of this list, you’ll be looking at things that are over 150 to almost 200 years old right here in South Jersey.

Tell us where you come from without telling us where you come from

Residents of South Jersey describe their towns and villages

South Jersey beaches ranked from worst to best

A new article currently ranks all beaches in NJ, but we’re focusing on where each beach in South Jersey falls on the scale.

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6 Bedroom Home in Atlantic City – $ 3,700,000 |


HUGE LUXURY ESTATE BY THE SEA !! This truly one of a kind beachfront home is the perfect fit for any size family !! Perfect location, right next to the promenade and the BEACH on the edge of Ventnor. Incredible OCEAN VIEWS throughout the house. The spacious open floor plan features marble tile throughout the main level and beautiful hardwood floors on the second and third floors – it even has an ELEVATOR !!! Laminate wooden spiral staircases, a HUGE 20 foot ceiling living room with brand new windows, numerous sitting areas leading to the magnificent dining room, 2 powder rooms, a gourmet kitchen, custom cabinets and an island central. So many places for all your friends and family to relax including a fireplace, TVs, a custom built-in bar with wine cooler, and multiple seating areas to view the beautiful OCEAN !! Oversized master suite, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the living room and the ocean, him and her Jacuzzis, shower, double walk-in closet, drinks fridge, sitting area and private terrace in front of the beach! 6 immaculately furnished bedrooms, lots of storage space and a MASSIVE private top floor balcony directly overlooking the pool and ocean !! The gorgeous exterior features a heated pool, hot tub, garden, fire pits, BBQ area, and plenty of relaxing seating options. Double attached garage, parking for 8+ cars and storage for your gym equipment, beach chairs, bikes and surfboards !! This is the perfect beach house for everyone !!!

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AC Pride brings Atlantic City’s LGBTQ story to the fore • Instinct Magazine


If anyone decides to help revive the LGBTQ + community of Atlantic City NJ, who better than favorite / author Laurie Greene? Not only is Greene a well-known author (her book Drag Queens and Beauty Queens: Challenging Femininity on the World’s Playground is a must), but she’s both an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stockton University and a board member of the all-new AC Pride. As an organization “Dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the diverse LGBTQIA + community in the greater Atlantic City area”, AC Pride has a series of three-pronged initiatives; Social gatherings and events, visibility and commemoration initiatives, and community and health awareness initiatives. Truly ambitious goals for a region like Asbury Park before it, with a vibrant LGBTQ community poised to bring back a thriving community.

Courtesy of Laurie Green (Facebook)

Greene also has some of Atlantic City’s most prominent LGBTQ community members working alongside him on this initiative. Nightlife luminaries like Sandy Beach, Morgan Wells and Joy Marnier add their own bubbly take on Atlantic City’s LGBTQ history and join some of the other ‘Originals’ like Mortimer Spreng and Ten’e Long on stage, reuniting for Easily offended? Get out now! on October 22 to celebrate AC’s LGBTQ history and its roots in Gayborhood bars on New York Avenue. (The recent official AC Pride kickoff was at Anchor Rock Club with the iconic Lady Bunny DJ and providing her own classic dose of hilarity)!

For Greene, preserving the voices of seniors in our community is a crucial part of his own passion, as well as that of AC Pride. She told the Atlantic City press “Collecting video diaries and stories from older people in the gay community to talk about their experiences,” she said. “One of the reasons restorative history is so important is because marginalized communities often do not have the opportunity to tell their story, but also because AIDS has wiped out many generations. here in the city and there is a kind of knowledge gap of young homosexuals about their community and the contributions it makes ”

Speaking of Ocean Casino Resort, their dedication to the LGBTQ community continues, with upcoming events in 2021 such as the Off-Broadway smash. My great gay italian christmas make a splash at Ovation Hall on 12/18 (tickets available here). From Ocean Casino Resort’s perspective, partnering with AC Pride was a natural fit. Liza Costandino, Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Ocean Casino Resort, said: “With its commitment to preserving the rich history of Atlantic City’s LGBTQ community and looking to its bright future, Ocean Casino Resort is proud to partner with AC Pride. We look forward to working more with them on their various community initiatives and look forward to continuing to work closely with the New Jersey LGBTQ community.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Greene (Facebook)

For more information on Ocean Casino Resort, check out their website

Follow AC Pride on Instagram

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Ocean Drone, Saildrone, Captures Video Inside Category 4 Hurricane In Atlantic Ocean: What For?


The ocean-going drone, Saildrone, took video inside a Category 4 hurricane as it floated in the Atlantic Ocean.

(Photo: by David Dee Delgado / Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 01: A person makes his way through the precipitation of the remnants of Hurricane Ida on September 1, 2021, in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. The once-Category 4 hurricane swept through New York City, dumping 3.15 inches of rain over the course of an hour in Central Park.

Saildrone ocean drone

The oceanic drone that looks like a futuristic surfboard was fitted with cameras and took unmanned footage.

The Saildrone was developed by the company of the same name in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, according to CNN Business.

Saildrone is a Silicon Valley startup that has already sent five of its ships into extreme hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 23-foot-long orange surfboard-like ship is fitted with a total of four cameras, which took the very first images inside the hurricane.

Ocean Drone captures video inside Category 4 hurricane

In addition, the oceanic drone has been designed to withstand and survive even intense weather disturbances, such as Hurricane Sam.

It should be noted that the hurricane the ocean drone filmed with winds over 120 mph or 190 km / h, as well as waves of 50 feet or 15 meters high, as seen in the video.

The video was able to capture the massive, high-speed wind blown waves of the storm.

According to Phys.org, the Saildrone displays impressive high-powered hurricane defense due to its “hurricane wing” which helps withstand the pressure of fast winds.

Read also: US Air Force’s New System Helps Jets Navigate Using Earth’s Magnetic Field: Satellite GPS No Longer Needed?

Ocean drones: what for?

That said, the indestructible ocean drone could help scientists study the inner workings of hurricanes through real-life images.

Saildrone’s website further claimed that its ocean drone could measure and record several hurricane data, such as direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, salinity and even barometric pressure, among others. .

One of the NOAA scientists, Greg Foltz, said in a statement that one of the problems they observe using the ocean drone is “rapidly intensifying” winds from hurricanes.

Foltz further noted that such a sudden increase in wind force “poses a serious threat to coastal communities”.

For example, Hurricane Ida intensified from a Category 1 to Category 4 storm in less than a day, destroying nearby coastal communities.

The NOAA scientist hopes data from ocean drones will help them further study this phenomenon.

It should be noted that scientists have repeatedly warned the public that climate change will cause the ocean to warm. Thus, producing more and more intense and destructive hurricanes over time, which has been an urgent problem for people who live near the coasts.

Saildrone CEO Richard Jenkins echoed the problem, adding that “the oceans really determine our global weather”.

That said, the Saildrone executive further emphasized that it is important to have a deep understanding of how the weather changes to propel solutions into the future.

Associated article: [Warning] NASA spots FIVE tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin at once! Louisiana and Mississippi could be affected by Hurricane Sally!

This article is the property of Tech Times

Written by Teejay Boris

2021 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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La Palma volcano: satellite image shows lava flow in the Atlantic Ocean


The volcano of La Palma, in the Canary Islands, opened a new crack on Friday, triggering a series of small earthquakes.

Authorities said they recorded eight new earthquakes with a magnitude of up to 3.5.

They were waiting to see if the lava from the new fissure would join the main flow, which traveled six kilometers and reached the Atlantic Ocean, shown in the satellite image above.

The molten rocks solidified on contact with seawater, creating a kind of peninsula.

Thursday afternoon, the area of ​​this extension approached 19 hectares, against 10 in the early morning, said David Calvo, spokesperson for the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

Experts have warned that it is likely to have a devastating short-term impact on the local marine ecosystem.

The meeting of lava and water also produced potentially toxic gases.

Authorities were monitoring air quality along the coastline and although sulfur dioxide levels in the region have increased, they do not pose a threat to health, the government of La Palma has said.

However, he advised local residents to stay indoors. He also recommended that residents of the island wear face masks and goggles against the heavy fall of volcanic ash.

No injuries or deaths have been reported since the September 19 eruption.

Lava has so far affected more than 1,000 buildings, including homes and farm infrastructure, and buried approximately 338 hectares (835 acres).

La Palma, home to around 85,000 people who make a living mainly from fruit growing and tourism, is part of the volcanic Canary Islands, an archipelago off northwestern Africa that is part of Spanish territory.

The island is approximately 35 kilometers (22 miles) long and 20 kilometers (12 miles) wide at its widest point. Life has continued as usual over most of the island while the volcano is active.

The two previous eruptions of La Palma took place in 1949 and 1971. They caused a total of three deaths, two of which were caused by gas inhalation.

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Lava from La Palma volcano reaches Atlantic Ocean, new Japanese PM and Hong Kong tighten anti-doxxing law


Akiko Fujita of Yahoo Finance details today’s best stories from around the world.

Video transcript


AKIKO FUJITA: In our “world view” today, spectacular images of the Spanish Canary Islands as lava from Cumbre Vieja poured into the ocean. This sent clouds of vapor and poisonous gas into the skies over La Palma as emergency officials urged residents to stay indoors.

The volcanic eruption that started 10 days ago has already destroyed 600 homes and has forced more than 6,000 people to evacuate now. Now there are fears that parts of the shore may collapse. Roads to the southern part of the island have already been cut off by lava, blocking residents of the town of Tazacorte.

Well, Japan is about to have a new prime minister in place for the second time in about a year. Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kushida won his party’s leadership vote on Wednesday by beating a crowded field that included Japanese Vaccine Minister Taro Kono. He pledged to counter China’s growing influence in the region and close the growing income gap by redistributing the country’s wealth. Kushida is expected to officially take office on Monday after a special parliamentary session. Current Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is stepping down after just a year in office amid plummeting public support for his handling of the pandemic.

And disclosing data without consent could lead to five years in prison in Hong Kong. The legislature has strengthened doxing laws, or laws that prohibit posting personal information to harass people. The move is seen as another step in cracking down on dissent in the city, with new amendments to the data privacy law punishable by a fine of up to nearly $ 130,000.

Internet companies all opposed the changes, saying they amounted to censorship. A coalition representing tech giants, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, has raised concerns, saying over the summer that it could suspend services in the city if the law passes.

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