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Five Charged with $ 1.1 Million of Atlantic City Casino Forged Check Scam


Posted: Oct 17, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

Last update on: October 17, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

New Jersey authorities have indicted five New York state residents for allegedly stealing more than $ 1.1 million from Atlantic casinos using a “sophisticated” fraudulent check system.

Casino fraud
Hard Rock Atlantic City, pictured, declined a check for $ 150,000, but the gang reportedly ran away with 134,000 from the casino anyway. (Image: Hard Rock Atlantic City)

Xiuhuan Zhang, 65, Qingtao Zhang, 53, Sen Ge, 29, Shuai Liu, 30, and Peng Cai, 33 were charged Thursday with second-degree conspiracy and various counts of second-degree theft by deception. , announced the state attorney general’s office. .

Within three days in August, the two female gang members, Xiuhuan Zhang and Qingtao Zhang, reportedly presented fake checks at five city casinos. These were exchanged for casino chips before being cashed out. According to prosecutors, the three men “attended [the women] at various times ”during the alleged fraud.

Arrest in Amsterdam

The targeted casinos were Caesars, Borgata, Ocean, Hard Rock and Golden Nugget. In each casino, Xiuhuan Zhang allegedly presented a fake TD Bank official check for $ 150,000 for chips, and Qingtao Zhang allegedly presented a fraudulent Bank of America cashier’s check for $ 134,000.

The gang has not always succeeded. The Hard Rock declined a check for $ 150,000, while Qingtao Zhang learned that she could only receive tokens in additional amounts on her check for $ 134,000.

Xiuhuan Zhang was arrested by Dutch police in Amsterdam earlier this month at the request of New Jersey authorities. The others are still on the run. The state attorney general’s office said it is currently investigating other people it believes may be linked to the crimes.

Suspects risk ten years

“The defendants were caught executing a sophisticated financial scheme covering several casinos and over $ 1 million in fraudulent checks,” Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck said in a statement.

This case is just one example of the excellent work – in this case beyond international borders – carried out by members of the New Jersey State Police and the Criminal Justice Division who are charged with to investigate and prosecute crimes in casinos, ”he added.

The New Jersey Criminal Justice Division’s Office of Specialized Crimes obtained an indictment from the Atlantic County grand jury on October 13.

The State Police Bureau of Casino Gambling and the Criminal Justice Division of Casinos Prosecution Unit regularly work together to investigate and prosecute major cases involving financial fraud, money laundering or other behavior. criminals committed in Atlantic City casinos, ”said Director Lyndsay V. Ruotolo of the Criminal Justice Division.

“Thanks to their vigilance, their expertise and their diligent work, we hold those responsible for these crimes to account,” she added.

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Ilitch organization obtains 50% control of Ocean Casino Resort


Ocean Casino Resort announces $ 75M real estate reinvestment in 2022, including 12 floors of new hotel rooms and suites

Luxor Capital Group, LP, the principal owner of Ocean Casino Resort, has announced that the Ilitch organization has received regulatory approval and will acquire, through a subsidiary, 50% of Ocean. Luxor will control the remaining 50% and will share equally with the Illitch organization the major decisions concerning Ocean.

The joint venture, previously announced earlier this year, is an exciting development for Ocean as the resort continues to progress toward Atlantic City’s premier destination. Ilitch’s investment will allow the resort to build on its success through continued spending on ownership and enhanced experiences for guests and team members.

Luxor Capital commented, “We are delighted to welcome the Ilitch organization to Atlantic City. Their investment gives Ocean access to growth capital and provides Luxor with a strategic partner. Over the past year, the Ocean team has progressed under new leadership comprised of senior executives from the gaming and hospitality industries. Since then, Ocean has strengthened its position in the market and continues to gain market share. We look forward to moving the business forward with the Ilitich partnership.

Following the hearing, Ocean announced a reinvestment in the resort of more than $ 75 million over the next year, with the highly anticipated addition of more than 460 rooms and suites. This follows improvements to Ocean’s property in 2021, including a redesigned casino floor with new high limit experiences.

“Over the past year, Ocean has strived to strengthen its position in the market,” said Bill Callahan, executive vice president of hospitality and gaming for Ocean Casino Resort. “We are delighted to advance Ocean’s accomplishments. The ability to meet the growing demand for our hotel experience will create new energy throughout the resort – from our award-winning casino and restaurants to our renowned nightlife and entertainment venues. “

Ocean will begin construction on 12 floors of the hotel, adding 360 rooms and nearly 100 suites. Along with upgrading the Ocean’s Hotel, the resort will expand several of its non-gaming amenities, including dining and entertainment experiences. More information on Ocean’s new developments will be announced later this year.

Ilitch has experience in the gaming industry through MotorCity Casino Hotel, the only locally owned and operated casino in Detroit, offering luxury hotel rooms and spa facilities, fine and casual dining, live entertainment and world class games. In addition, the Ilitch companies represent leading brands in the food, sports and entertainment, and real estate development industries, employing tens of thousands of people around the world.

To access more business news, visit NJB News Now.

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Five accused of scamming Atlantic City casinos for $ 1.1 million | criminality


Kristian Gonyea, for La Presse

Press staff reports

The gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Jack Ciattarelli, speaks at the New Jersey County Association’s annual meeting at Caesar’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Five New York residents were charged with attempting to steal more than $ 1.1 million from five Atlantic City casinos in August, Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck said on Friday.

Bruck said the alleged thefts, which involved passing fraudulent checks at casinos, were part of a “sophisticated financial plan.” Three men and two women were charged, but only one was arrested.

The targets were Caesars Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, which each reported $ 284,000 in thefts, and Ocean Casino Resort and Golden Nugget Atlantic City, which each reported 134,000. $ bad checks.

An Atlantic County grand jury on Wednesday released an indictment of 11 counts alleging second-degree conspiracy and various counts of second-degree theft by deception and attempted theft by deception. The accused were:

Xiuhuan Zhang, 65, from Flushing

Qingtao Zhang, 53, from Flushing

Frank N. Tobolsky, 59, of Cherry Hill, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Noel L. Hil…

Shuai Liu, 30, from College Point

Peng Cai, 33, from Brooklyn

Qingtao Zhang was arrested on September 7 in Amsterdam under an arrest warrant. The remaining defendants are wanted, Bruck said in a press release.

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Coast Guard: Wreck found in Atlantic Ocean is famous Cutter Bear | New


Boston (AP) – The wreckage of a renowned warship that fought in two world wars and patrolled the coast of Alaska for decades was, at one point, commissioned by the first black man to command a US government ship. It was found that. The Coast Guard said Thursday.

A wreck, believed to be the US Revenue Cutter Bear, was discovered in 2019 when it sank while towed to Philadelphia, which was to be converted to a floating restaurant in 1963, about 260 miles east of Boston. paddy field.

However, it was not until August that a team of experts reviewing the evidence came to the conclusion that the wreckage was “reasonably convinced” that it was a bear, the Coast Guard and of the American Ocean. Atmosphere officials reported on the waterfront news of the Boston meeting.

“When the bear died, it was already recognized as a historic vessel,” said Joe Hoyt of the National Department of Marine Conservation.

Because the legend of the bear is deeply rooted in Coast Guard folklore, the US Coast Guard Academy sports team in Connecticut is partially named Bears in honor of the ship.

Built in 1874, the Steam and Sail Bear was purchased by the United States in 1884 and took part in an unlucky Arctic expedition led by Lt. Adolphus Greeley, a member of the US Army Communications Corps.

Since then, the 190-foot bear has been involved in arctic patrols, search and rescue, law enforcement, censorship of humans and ships, records of geological and astronomical information, records of tides and whalers escorts for over 40 years. Spent.

The US Customs Observatory merged with US Rescue Forces in 1915 to form the Coast Guard.

“In Bear’s 40-year career in Alaska, Cutter has performed some of the most daring and successful Arctic rescues in history,” said William Tiesen, official historian of the Guard Atlantic Region. coastal. I did. When the stranded whalers needed help, Bear rescued them. One hundred years ago, when thousands of Alaskans contracted the Spanish flu during a pandemic, Bear brought a doctor and medicine. “

Thursday’s announcement coincided with the arrival of US Coast Guard Healy in Boston, named after the Bear Captain from 1886 to 1895. “Hell’s ruging microphone” Healy.

The Healy icebreaker, commissioned in 1999, recently completed its passage through the Arctic Northwest Passage.

Born in 1839, Healy was the son of a Georgian planter and slave. Healy’s father sent him to Massachusetts to escape slavery, Teesen said.

He compared Healy, appointed by Abraham Lincoln a month before the president’s assassination, to a former Western sheriff who had jurisdiction over an area as large as the 48 states in the continental United States.

“He never identified himself as an African American during his lifetime, but to avoid the prejudices he probably encountered in his personal life and career, he was actually of African descent. He was the first to command a ship of American descent. The US government. The NOAA press release said.

Bear’s career continued after his time in the Arctic ended.

The ship patrolled the waters of Greenland during World War II, helping to capture German ships and served in both World Wars.

During the war, the bear was reused as a maritime museum by the city of Oakland, California. Used as a movie backdrop. Purchased by Admiral Richard Byrd for use in Antarctic expeditions.

According to NOAA, the ship was abolished in 1944 and remained in Nova Scotia until the end of its voyage to Philadelphia in 1963, about 90 miles south of Cape Sable, Nova Scotia.

“Bears have held various positions for almost 90 years, which is an incredible record in shipbuilding,” Teisen said.

Coast Guard: Wreck found in Atlantic Ocean is famous Cutter Bear | New

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Detroit group buys half of Atlantic City casino for $ 175 million



New Jersey gambling regulators on Thursday approved the sale of half of the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City to the Ilitch organization, which has professional sports teams, a national pizza chain and a casino in Detroit.

The New Jersey Casinos Control Commission has approved the sale, under which Ilitch will acquire 50% of the casino for $ 175 million, and share the major decisions regarding its operation equally with the current owners, Luxor Capital Group LP , a New York hedge fund.

Of this investment, $ 70 million will be used to complete 464 hotel rooms that have remained unfinished since the property opened in 2012.

Michael Conboy, Director of Luxor, said the Ilitch organization appears to be a strong partner in owning and operating the casino.

“I wouldn’t say we kissed a lot of frogs, but we beat a lot of frogs’ eyelashes and we found a prince,” he told the casinos commission. “They share our vision of growth.

The sale is expected to close within 30 days.

It follows the resignation Monday of Ocean President Terry Glebocki. The casino did not want to say if the two events were linked.

No successor has yet been publicly named. Conboy said an interim CEO will be appointed within 10 days.

“We are delighted to welcome the Ilitch organization to Atlantic City,” Luxor said in a statement. “Their investment gives Ocean access to growth capital and provides Luxor with a strategic partner. Over the past year, the Ocean team has progressed under new leadership comprised of senior executives from the gaming and hospitality industries. Since then, Ocean has strengthened its position in the market and continues to gain market share. We look forward to moving the business forward with the Ilitich partnership.

Ilitch owns the Detroit Tigers baseball and Red Wings hockey teams, the Little Caesars pizza chain, and the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit. The sale was announced in April.

Ocean said Thursday it will make $ 75 million in reinvestments next year, most of which will consist of a $ 70 million chamber project. It will complete 12 floors of rooms, comprising more than 360 rooms and 100 new suites.

“One of the ways to grow the market is to build more rooms,” Conboy said. “The demand is there 100% for 180 to 200 days a year.

Ocean Casino opened nine years ago as Revel. The $ 2.4 billion complex immediately went into financial trouble, leading to two bankruptcy filings and its closure after just over two years of operation.

Colorado developer Bruce Deifik bought it in January 2018 for $ 200 million and reopened it that summer. But he quickly ran out of money. Luxor, which was one of its lenders, assumed ownership of the casino in January 2019 in exchange for debt forgiveness from Deifik. Deifik was killed in a car crash in April 2019.

In May 2020, New Jersey regulators gave Luxor final approval to own and operate the casino. At that hearing, Michael Conboy, a hedge fund partner, told regulators the company plans to own and operate the casino for at least the next 25 years.

For the first eight months of this year, according to the most recent statistics available, Ocean earned over $ 219 million, more than double what it earned in the same period last year. This ranks it sixth out of nine Atlantic City casinos in terms of gaming revenue.

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5 New York residents stole $ 1.1 million from Atlantic City casinos


Five New Yorkers used fake bank checks to steal more than $ 1.1 million from Atlantic City casinos, charges announced Thursday.

Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck said the five defendants, two women and two men, are each charged with second degree conspiracy and various counts of second degree theft by deception and attempted theft by deception.

As of Thursday afternoon, four of the defendants were wanted on arrest warrants. One of them was detained in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Xiuhuan Zhang, 65, from Flushing
  • Qingtao Zhang, 53, from Flushing (detained)
  • Shuai Liu, 30, from College Point
  • Peng Cai, 33, from Brooklyn
  • Sen Ge, 29, from Flushing

According to the attorney general’s office, Xiuhuan Zhang and Qingtao Zhang presented the fraudulent checks at five casinos in the resort town. The three men are said to have sometimes helped them and others who are still under investigation.

At every casino – Caesars, Borgata, Ocean, Hard Rock and Golden Nugget – fake checks worth $ 150,000 and $ 134,000 were handed over in order to obtain gambling chips, officials said.

The alleged ploy didn’t work every time, officials said. For example, in two cases, Hard Rock refused a check for $ 150,000 from Xiuhuan Zhang.

Contact reporter Dino Flammia at dino.flammia@townsquaremedia.com.

That $ 10,000 could get you in New Jersey

What to do in Salem County, NJ

New Jersey’s less populous county is remote from most New Jerseyers. Here is a sampling of things to do and enjoy if you choose to take a trip to Salem County.

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8 ideas that might work at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ


Bader Field in Atlantic City is considered a premier redevelopment site.

The site has hosted baseball games at Surf Stadium, major concerts, like Dave Matthews, Phish, Metallica, etc. The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival has been held here along with many other events since the airport closed permanently on September 30, 2006.

Although the site has hosted many events, there is so much potential for a more permanent attraction.

I’ve left out a lot of great city ideas, many of which have river walks (San Antonio, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City) or piers (Chicago, Santa Monica) that are full of nightlife and fun ideas.

I’ve tried staying in smaller towns or places I’ve visited where I can imagine what they have and see it work here. For many of these ideas, Atlantic City could build on what those other areas have done to accommodate an area of ​​this size, or in many cases smaller, which could give a bigger and better idea if that is. is done here.

All of these ideas should have a cab that runs from Bader Field to Gardner’s Basin so people can enjoy both parts of the city.

I have eight ideas to get the ball rolling and start the conversation, let me know your thoughts.

8 things that could work at Bader Field

You can charter your own yacht in Atlantic City, NJ for just $ 250 a night

We found this Airbnb which can accommodate 5 people and has 3 bathrooms. According to Airbnb, the whole yacht is yours during the rental period but there is one major rule. The boat must remain docked at all times during your stay.

We’re sure you and the rest of your party can still make the most of your time on the yacht without actually setting sail.

The yacht charter has a minimum of 2 nights and it will cost you $ 250 per night.

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Glebocki resigns as CEO of Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City


Terry glebocki resigns from his position as CEO of Ocean Casino Resort, according to Atlantic City casino.

Glebocki led Ocean’s turnaround from a scourge operation to one of the city’s top performers. The longtime CFO had been the casino’s CEO since 2019.

The unexpected resignation of Glebocki

No reason was given for his departure.

“Glebocki has three decades of experience in financial management, which has put Ocean on the path to financial stability,” the casino said in a statement Monday. “Terry has joined Ocean on the verge of bankruptcy and is leaving the property as a premier resort in Atlantic City.

Glebocki also resigned from his post as chairman of the New Jersey Casino Association, the lobbying and industry relations group.

Ocean did not indicate who would take on the CEO role.

“We are working on this transition and will provide updates as they become available,” the casino said.

Trust Terry

Glebocki was appointed CEO of Ocean in December 2019 after serving in an interim capacity for several months.

The Boardwalk Casino formerly known as To delight (2012-2014) has been in financial difficulty since it reopened in June 2018 under the name Ocean.

Luxor Capital Group, a new Yorkhedge fund, took control of Ocean in early 2019. Soon after, Luxor put together a team of experienced Atlantic City casino executives and invested millions of dollars in capital improvement.

From bottom to top of AC casinos

Between February 2019 and February 2020, Ocean went from the last of AC’s nine casinos to sixth in terms of land-based gambling revenue. In February 2021, Ocean was third in the market behind only Borgata and Hard rock.

In the first six months of 2021, Ocean reported $ 24.9 million in gross operating profit. Two years ago, the hotel-casino posted 12.75 million dollars in losses over the same period.

Ocean under a new owner?

Luxor is currently relinquishing part of the control of Ocean. Earlier this year, Ilitch Holdings Inc., a Michigan-based company that owns the Little Caesars pizza chain and operates Detroit’s MotorCity Casino Hotel, took a stake in Ocean Casino Resort

Luxor and Ilitch reached an agreement that would give the latter up to 50% control over Ocean.

Last month, New Jersey gaming regulators approved a management agreement between the two parties.

The NJ Casino Control Commission will vote on the provisional authorization of the Ilitich casino at the public meeting on Wednesday.

AP Photo / Wayne Parry

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Glebocki Resigns as CEO of Ocean Casino Atlantic City | New Jersey News


By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (AP) – The CEO of Ocean Casino Resort has resigned after turning around the finances of one of Atlantic City’s largest casinos during his two-year tenure.

The casino has not given a reason for the departure of Terry Glebocki, which was announced to staff Monday morning, and he declined to comment further.

Glebocki’s exit slashes the number of female casino bosses after an unprecedented wave of female leadership. Just over a year ago, four of the city’s nine casinos were run by women, but two have since left.

Glebocki has helped Ocean, the casino formerly known as Revel, return to profitability after losing money for years.

Political cartoons

“Glebocki has three decades of experience in financial management, which has led Ocean towards financial stability,” the casino said in a statement. “Terry has joined Ocean on the verge of bankruptcy and is leaving the property as a premier casino resort in Atlantic City.”

The casino is owned by New York hedge fund Luxor Capital Group.

It was not immediately clear who would run the casino while a new CEO was sought, nor was it immediately possible to determine whether Glebocki would continue in her role as president of the Casino Association of New Jersey, l professional association of Atlantic City casinos. The association did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment on Monday.

Ocean would only say that “we are working on this transition and will provide updates as they become available.”

Glebocki was hired as CEO in December 2019 after serving on an interim basis for three months. Previously, she was the casino’s CFO and had over 30 years of financial management experience when she held the most senior position at Ocean.

She was credited with straightening the casino’s finances. When it operated as Revel from 2012 to 2014, the casino never failed to make a profit, filed two bankruptcies and closed after just over a year and a half of operation.

But under Glebocki, the casino cut back on spending while doing renovations to the casino floor and adding amenities for high-end gamers, which helped boost revenue from gaming and other sources. In April, he reinvested $ 15 million in the property, including interior work, as well as renovations to the pools, cabanas and its waterfront.

For the first six months of this year, Ocean posted gross operating income of nearly $ 25 million, compared to an operating loss of $ 12.4 million for the same period a year ago.

In addition to Glebocki, Karie Hall, the former senior vice president and general manager of Bally’s, was replaced by a man after the casino was sold last year.

Jacqueline Grace at the Tropicana and Melonie Johnson at the Borgata remain in their posts at the top of their respective casinos.

Glebocki started his career in accounting. His casino jobs included internal audit at Bally’s, as vice president of finance for Trump Entertainment and chief financial officer for Trump Plaza, and corporate chief financial officer for Tropicana Entertainment.

Follow Wayne Parry on Twitter at @WayneParryAC

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Obituary of Gerald Dutton (1955 – 2021) – Atlantic City, NJ

DUTTON, GERALD “JERRY”, – 66, of Atlantic City, passed away suddenly on October 4. 2021. Born September 13, 1955 in Camden, NJ to Mary Clare (Scanlon) and Frank Dutton, Jr. he graduated from Pleasantville High School Class of “74”. Jerry spent 20 years in West Hollywood, California. where her love of party planning blossomed. He returned to Atlantic City and always had to live by the ocean. He loved to decorate for every party and event. His favorite pastime was thrift stores with Tina where he found his “treasures”. Jerry loved spending time at “The Oasis,” cheering on his Eagles, and he loved everything about his favorite artist Cher. He was a staunch dog lover, but his biggest role was to be an uncle known as “Ahwa”. Jerry spent 22 years working at Dock’s Oyster House in Atlantic City. He deeply loved his work family and enjoyed serving his clients. His great personality will be sorely missed. Jerry was welcomed to heaven by his mother Mary Clare Dutton and his father Frank Dutton; Brother Daniel Dutton; nephew Patrick Dutton; and his beloved dogs Oscar, Lucy and Emmy. Jerry is survived by his brothers Frank Dutton (Nancy), John Dutton (Andrea), Paul Dutton (Dawna), Stephen Dutton (Tina); sisters Elizabeth Salerno, Mary Dutton; sister-in-law Irene Dutton; several nieces and nephews, and her baby dog ​​Desi. A visit for Jerry will take place on Monday evening, October 11, 2021 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Gormley Funeral Home LLC 2706 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City. A Christian burial mass will be celebrated for Jerry at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 12 at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church 2651 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City. There will be a visit to the church on Tuesday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to: The Atlantic City Humane Society 1401 Absecon Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Arrangements by Gormley Funeral Home LLC AC (www.gormleyfuneralhomellcac.com).

Published by The Press of Atlantic City on October 10, 2021.

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